The restaurant “Grecale” was founded in June 2014 by the desire to create, in one of the most beautiful places of the worlkd, a location where the customer can ‘choose between different types of cuisine. Hence the idea of realizing a real “Taste of Paradise”.

The cuisine of the young Italian chef Andrea Giannetti (with previous experience in Dubai with the star chef Massimo Mantarro)

Japanese cuisine of Kajiki and its chef Marcos Toshiyuki Fukimoto and Hiroko Yamaguchi.

The bar-lounge area where you can taste the famous cocktails of our barman Michele Salerno enriching sensory experience with different types of “Bread Cunzatu” and our exclusive “Japanese Aperitive”.

The Pizzeria 38°15° with our meal more special with exclusive cooking in a wood oven.

The restaurant includes a terrace from which you can admire the beautiful Straits of Messina and two rooms which can accommodate about 250 commensal blankets.

The beautiful location has certainly inspired our chefs to create a cuisine that revisits traditional dishes proposing them with a key completely innovative, making use of what are the excellences of our land, the “Black Nebrodi Pig” or fish from our “Stretto of Messina”, all it served in dishes refined and elegant.

Accompanying the imagination and creativity of the chef, the restaurant offers a wine list with over 300 labels including excellent Sicilian and not.

The sound of the sea and a gentle sea breeze will accompany you on this journey of unique flavors and odors.